Billet Compressor Wheel

Billet compressor wheel / impeller , we also name it as forged milled compressor wheel / impeller or forged machined compressor wheel / impeller. It is 5-axis CNC machined from a solid blank of aluminum. Other materials, such as titanium or stainless steel, are also optional, but we use aluminum alloy commonly because it is easier for mass production.

If you are looking for a billet compressor wheel manufacturer, OTS is a very good choice.

  • We are equipped with advanced five-axis CNC machines from Japan and Germany to achieve high precision requirement.
  • We have rich experience in billet compressor wheel / impeller, either aluminum or titanium or and stainless steel.
  • We partner with professional and experienced turbomachinery engineers and CAD designers, we can deliver you engineering, manufacturing and design services.



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