Turbo electronic actuator controls the variable vane mechanism of VNT (variable-nozzle turbine) turbos, also known as VGT (variable geometry turbochargers), and ultimately controls turbocharger boost output. Electric actuator can adjust the direction of the exhaust flow by adjusting the direction of the vanes, which is helpful for the boost pressure of the primary turbocharger and the vacuum inside the intake manifold.

Our premium aftermarket electronic actuator and parts are successfully tested in UK.

Why Choose OTS Turbo Electronic Actuator?

• Rich Experience

with 13 years experience on producing turbocharger actuators

Reliable Clip

Imported clip with high and reliable quality from a famous supplier

Moto with high and stable quality

Our electronic actuator uses DC motor from Johnson Electric, who is the world leader in micro motors

• Strong testing ability

OTS electronic actuator are all calibrated and tested to original factory settings.

Please watch below video

• Design focus on details

High quality lubricants on drive gear for good performance

Anti-interference design

High quality lubricants on drive gear for good performance

Lever arm pin-produced with a surface hardened finish to assist longer life

• Lower cost

Comparing to Hella, our prices are much lower with similar quality & good performance