When it comes to turbo compressor wheel material, we all know that 2618 and 7075 are the two most widely used, and OTS always uses high level quality 2618-T6511 and 7075-T6511, all our material suppliers are ceritified.

2618-T6511 or 7075-T6511 extruded compressor wheel can do very well job for most applications, but for certain special applications, especially those high requirements like performance and racing, 2618 forged and T6 temper aluminum alloy pieces is required as a better option, which as said can extend up to 66% more wheel life.

However, do you know that whether your wheel is just made from extruded normal aluminum bar material, or from forged and T6 temper aluminum alloy pieces?
The right material is just half step, and the other half step is that it needs to be the right processing.

So, what is forged and T6 temper aluminum alloy pieces? how does it look like and how does it work?
Here we are showing all the details:

First, either extruded or roll-formed aluminum bars are cut into round pieces with desired lengths. Then the aluminum alloy pieces are preheated to a certain temperature, and then hammered by a 600T machine to shape or forged. Below is a video showing it.

After the these pieces are forged, they will be heat treated by T6 tempering, thus the forged blanks a formed. They will be then milled to final shapes.
Below pictures shows from forged blanks to T6 temper to final milled turbo compressor wheel:

Using forged and T6 temper aluminum alloy pieces to make a high-quality compressor wheel is troublesome. The forging process takes time, but it makes the material denser, adding strength and fatigue resistance.

To most people, the pain point is that for a new size, a set of forging die is required, and MOQ is usually more than 2000 pcs or maybe more, depending on what the size is.
Due to the high costs, if in the future you buy a compressor wheel at very low price, and the seller claims that it is forged, think it over. By the way, it is true that it is almost no way to distinguish from the wheel appearance that whether it is using a forged aluminum alloy or not.

We’re now stocking more than 30 different sizes of forged 2816-T6 aluminum alloy pieces,from OD 47mm to 146mm. Since we’re stocking them, you do not need to pay MOQ 2000 pcs for a real forged compressor wheel.

If your compressor wheel requires REAL forged material, please contact us anytime.