We have advanced turbo technologies and experienced turbo technicians to develop new turbo products constantly. This oilless aluminum turbo housing with ceramic ball bearing is almost finished. When we posted the semi-finished one of it about half month ago, some friends asked me: is it possible? Our answer is Yes!

This turbo bearing housing is CNC machined from a solid aluminum and without oil inlet or oil outlet, only with water inlet and water outlet which will be drilled soon. That is why we call it as oilless turbo bearing housing or central housing.

What are the advantages of our oilless aluminum bearing housing?
First, the oilless bearing housing is made from aluminum, which makes the whole turbo lightweight.
Second, there is no oil coming into this bearing housing / central housing, so there will be no impurities into the housing, which can increase the service life of turbo.
Third, the water channel of our oilless bearing housing is much bigger than normal water-cooled bearing housing. It makes higher water-cooled efficiency and heat dissipating capacity. Fourth, aluminum bearing housing has a nicer appearance, and can be oxidized to different colors. Imaging, when most of the performance guys is making colored compressor wheels or bullet nuts, you are making the central housings with different colors, whose turbo will be more amazing?

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